Milking Optimum Experiences

Hi friends
Milking Optimum Experiences
A year ago I was trekking towards Everest Base Camp with a group of Everest summiteers, and to date it’s been the most adventurous, joyous and challenging experience of my life.
When I think of the month long trek it fills me with pride, achievement, awe at the beautiful landscape and the humble and friendly people of Nepal.
I could of course no longer think about this experience, and look forward to my next adventures of which there are plenty coming up this year, but as its my mantra “nothing is more important than to feel good” this process of reliving an optimum experience,and milk it for all its worth, is very good and takes me right back to that feel good place.
We want to use any excuse we can to feel good, because in that place we are then in the receptive mode for more good to come into our lives.
So in your bag of tricks towards positivity have in your moments of not feeling so good, plenty of optimum experiences to get you right back on track, to where you rightly belong – ON TOP OF THE WORLD.
Have a fantastic day.
Love as always
Loraine X

The Value of Persistence

Hi friends
The Value of Persistence
Have you ever had an idea or desire that thrilled you when you thought about it?
It felt so good to visualise it happening and you just couldn’t stop thinking about it, just the idea of it set you on fire.
But then after a while you contemplate the logistics, doubts creep in, you start making excuses as to why it can’t happen, either not enough money, you’re not clever enough, it will take too much time, there’s too much competition, the list goes on and on.
Firstly, your idea and desire is valid, if it feels good it’s a download from universal intelligence and its for your highest good.
Secondly, if you have the ability to imagine it, the universe has the ability to deliver it.
Never doubt your ability to work things out, for the universe to give you baby steps to your desires.
There is great value in being persistent, if things don’t go to plan immediately, have a plan B up your sleeve or let go of the resistance of that desire for a while and allow the events to unfold in their own time.
Being persistence gets you results, never give up on yourself, have faith, you are so darn worth it.
Have a lovely day
Love as always
Loraine X

What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Hi friends
What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?
Have you ever asked this question, if not why not? because when you get clear about what the best most perfect day ever is, you can start attracting more of these type of days into your life.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the mundaneness of life where it seems like it’s all work, paying the bills, doing the shopping and life just feels like a rut.
But with a bit of forethought and organisation you can create the life you’ve always wanted.
Your perfect day may be to spend a day with the family doing fun stuff like going to the beach, or a long weekend with your partner, or just curled up chilling with a book in your Pjs.
If it’s been a long time since you’ve had fantastic days like these, it’s time to take stock. Get researching plan ahead book that great hotel with the amazing view, book a days holiday off work for a duvet day.
At the beginning of the year I plan my adventures for the year, and every month I’m doing something that I love that thrills and excites me, and once booked I can then get excited and look forward to it and then come back and write about it to hopefully inspire and entertain, this is my ideal life and it takes planning. I don’t tell you this to brag but to show you that it can be done.
Just get out there, plan, think ahead, organise, save, visualise your ideal day.
For once you identify the perfect day for you, those days become weeks, months, years and before you know it you’re living the life of your dreams.
Have a great best day of your life
Lots of love as always
Loraine X

Hi friends
Only Talk About What You Want
In this attraction based universe there is no such thing as exclusion, meaning when we talk about something the essence of it is brought to us, whether or not we are wanting it.
Whilst in Bulgaria we were talking about frightening situations with big aggressive dogs, that trip I have never seen so many stray dogs in my garden and out and about, and we also had a pack of dogs who were with the shepherd chase us.
I’ve been thinking and talking about getting insurance for my boiler for some time and not acting upon it, so the inevitable has just happened and my central heating has packed in.
So being aware of what you’re talking about can be very beneficial, and choose only to talk about what you want.
At an Abraham seminar a woman in the hot seat asked the question “I’ve been on three Abraham cruises and each time I always get ill, why is that?” Abraham’s reply was excellent – “because you keep talking and thinking about being ill when you come on these cruises, it’s in your vibration, you’re expecting it. Well-being is yours when you stop doing that thing that you do”
It does take practice to become more aware of what you’re broadcasting, but it can be done. Rather than monitor each thought just make it a priority to feel good and everything then will flow naturally into your experience.
Have a wonderful day
Love as always
Loraine X

The Power of Words

Hi friends
The Power of Words
Have you ever thought about the words that you use on a day to day basis. Are they words that empower or disempower you?
Because the words that you use are creating your life experience. I very often hear people say that the weather is bad, or I’ve had a terrible day and people don’t realise the power behind what they are saying, for unconsciously they are bringing more bad and terrible circumstances and events to them.
A friend on Facebook had five sons and she realised that she kept saying “oh boy” to different scenarios that occurred in the day, she became aware of this and instead started saying “oh girl” and miraculously had a girl the next time.
She helped a man who had had a car accident and gave him a bed for the night, before he went to bed he said “I’m going to crash” she said “you just have”
The words you use are often a habit and we don’t realise that we are saying them, but once we become aware, it often fits into place why things are happening as they are.
One of my favourite words is inspire, I say it to myself all day and I’m brought all sorts of ideas, people and circumstances to inspire me.
I go to Weight Watchers and decided to stay for a meeting one week, another member shared that she weighs everything and she had lost a lot of weight, this inspired me as I had come to a stand still with my weight loss, so I started weighing everything instead of guessing how many points the food had, that week I lost 4lbs. That one word brought improvement to my life.
So today be aware of the words you’re using, make sure they empower and uplift you so you can radiate who you really are.
Have a lovely day
Lots of love
Loraine X


Hi friends

I wasn’t brought up to be patriotic, the word meaning a pride and love of one’s homeland, in fact my dad was very anti royalty and when he was alive I too adopted this belief that they are a waste of money, but not any more.
In the last 6-7 years I’ve developed a sense of patriotism, firstly because it feels so damn good to be proud of my country here in Great Britain and secondly because we do have a lot to be proud of.
People say we are soft we let too many foreigners in who abuse our system which I’m sure in some cases is true, but my view that I’ve decided to adopt is, there is no lack that we are generous and when you know this the universe will deliver more abundance.
How many countries in the world have a free (albeit we pay through taxes) health service, which when you think about it is absolutely phenomenal considering the huge load that’s put on the NHS, but we do cope and although there is some waiting around I think it’s incredible as most countries would not pick you up off the street without being paid. Yes I’m proud of our National Health Service who I have worked for most of my adult life.
Our country is abundant in history that’s admired the world over. When I went to Australia and New Zealand there was always some connection with Great Britain. The sons of my friend Georgie who are musicians can’t wait to come to our land of plenty.
When I returned from my trip whilst at work I said “New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world” my colleague replied “no Great Britain is” I had to agree. With our quaint English villages, with pastures every shade of green, Snowdonia, The Peak District, The Highlands of Scotland, The Yorkshire Moors, our historic buildings and so much more.
When we landed at Luton airport from my recent trip to Bulgaria I shouted out “Welcome to the best country in the world” and Mia and I turned round and confirmed this to a couple of young Bulgarian men sitting behind us who were going to start working in London.
Yes I am proud and love our Land of Abundance, where we are welcoming, generous and kind hearted and when you know what we know about the laws of the universe this can only get better, better and better.
Have a fab day
Lots of love as always
Loraine X

A Bear Grylls Adventure in Bulgaria

Hi friends
A Bear Grylls Adventure in Bulgaria
Just past my house is the beautiful Balkan mountains and although I can see and look upon them in wonder at their beauty, I wanted to walk through them and fully appreciate their essence.
We walked towards the mountains to an area that my friends Dave and Sharon took their dogs, we went over a bridge that crossed a gently flowing river.
I was in my element, my friend Mia was too, being in nature listening to the birds singing, the sound of water flowing over the rocks, the squelching slippery mud under our feet, the majestic mountains in the distance.
Mia was a faster walker than me and she surged ahead with zest, I loved her adventurous spirit and I was happy to follow. We discussed en route which way to go as there were footpaths.
We came to an area where it was just a puddle surrounded by mud, Mia crossed but her foot went right in and she got wet, we laughed.
We trekked further into the forest, and the footpaths were becoming less evident, we went into the thicket, there were thorny branches before us and we put our head down, knelt lower and forced our way through the bushes, but we were going nowhere so we decided to turn around. On the way back a thorny branch whacked me in the face and scratched my nose, it was a shock but we steamed ahead.
By this time we were lost, but I did have an idea which direction the town of Rish was, so from then on we just followed our gut instinct.
We came across a clearing and in the distance was a shepherd with his herd of sheep and lots of dogs, we thought nothing of it. But the four dogs started heading towards us barking, but still in the distance, I had dropped my tissue a few yards away, and went back to get it, not a good move, as this made the dogs head towards us barking ferociously even more. Mia and I stood still frozen with fright, mentally I was sending these aggressive dogs love, Mia said she was saying in her head “f….off”. The huge dogs were only yards away barking, it was a terrifying situation to be in, but remarkably we stayed calm, just saying “keep still”. The farmer turned up and guided the dogs away from us, and said we were going in the right direction to Rish, we thanked him. That was a hair raising experience.
We felt like we were on the right track, we crossed a road which we could have followed, but decided on the nearby footpath, as the traffic was very fast, we then came to a river, my instinct told me either to follow the river or cross it, I decided the best option was to cross it, as it looked like there was no proper path along the river.
There was a raised stony area to step on where the river flowed and we probably would get our feet wet, but it had to be done. I crossed the river ok, Mia stepped onto the stony area and fell in, and burst out laughing it was very funny, when she got to the other side we took out the contents of her rucksack, she was concerned that her phone and iPad had got wet, but they were ok.
We headed towards Rish we were keen to get back and have a cup of tea, in the distance I could see the farm near my house, we walked towards it. Mia squelched up to her knees in mud, my feet were soaking and muddy, but by now we didn’t care. We walked through the farm and got to my house bedraggled, muddy, but in high spirits at our amazing adventure.
We were calm in a crisis, we used our intuition to guide us, we felt light hearted fun about our situation, we fully embraced the spirit of adventure and I think Bear Grylls would have been proud of us.
Have a great day
Love from

Re-Ignited Passion

Hi friends
Re-ignited Passion
I’ve just returned from my house in Bulgaria that I bought 6 years ago off eBay. I’ve had it refurbished by an English builder and it’s been a labour of love.
When I went this time I hadn’t been for 18 months and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it as circumstances around it had changed.
The house itself is set amongst the Balkan Mountains, it overlooks rolling hills and the backdrop is of the Balkan Mountains. It’s on the edge of the village so very quiet and tranquil and I’ve named it Lorden Retreat.
But a dear Bulgarian friend Kouncho who lived opposite died recently, when I first bought the house he lived there with his mother and disabled brother, he helped me so much and I was upset when he died, he was only 53. The mother Troufka is moving to live with her daughter in Varna as she was very isolated on her own.
When I got to the house it looked completely different, as I have new English friends Sharon and Dave and they have been working on my house and it looked lovely. It had been painted and the furniture had been re-arranged and I fell back in love with Lorden Retreat.
My friends Jean-marc and Mia came with me to the house and loved it. Mia had many ideas for the house and I could feel my original passion returning like before but even more so, as I could feel enthusiasm and hope returning for the future of Lorden Retreat and it felt wonderful.
Living a life of passion, enthusiasm and joy is a conscious decision, whether it be a re-ignited passion like Lorden Retreat or a new one. It doesn’t matter because to feel excitement, joy and passion is the elixir of life.
Have a wonderful day
Lots of love
Loraine X
If anyone is interested in staying at Lorden Retreat please inbox me

Stay Inspired

Hi friends
Stay Inspired
How often do you feel inspiration, is it occasionally, once a week, sometimes, never or daily?
You know when you’re feeling inspired by the way you feel, it may be a hobby, a new recipe, the new house your embarking on buying.
I feel inspiration daily by listening to inspirational teachers like Abraham Hicks and Bentinho Massaro, they take me there immediately. I’m feeling inspiration now as I’m writing this, the adrenalin, the enthusiasm and excitement of conveying my message to the world and the immense feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction it gives me.
I’m feeling inspiration about the upcoming weekend as I’m going to my house in Bulgaria with friends and know we’re going to have a wonderful time.
Ask yourself, how does it feel to focus on the job you don’t like or to feel inspired by being in the imaginary state of creating a new business?
Some may say but this is not facing reality, but reality is what you make it and reality is never static. It’s always changing to the tune of your song.
Where would we be without the great people in life who felt inspired and acted upon it, like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, he failed 1000 times in his attempt, and when asked “how do you feel about failing 1000 times” he replied “I’ve succeeded in 1000 steps to create the light bulb”. Where would we be without him?
J.K Rowling was turned down many times to have her Harry Potter books published, but her inspiration and self belief gave us the amazing Harry Potter series, which is pure genius.
Walt Disney was turned down by 500 banks to fund his Disney Dream, but he continued to follow his inspiration, and gave us the amazing Disney films, characters and theme parks.
We are only one inspired person away from having clean water for everyone, for the whole world to be fed and for everyone in the world to have a roof over their head.
Feel inspired daily by what makes you feel ecstatic, enthusiastic and excited, for you never know where your inspiration will take you.
Have an inspirational day
Love as always
Loraine X

Follow The Breadcrumbs

Hi friends
Follow The Breadcrumbs
Desire is at the basis of our lives, for if we didn’t desire we would not be alive. It’s natural to desire, and it may not necessarily be anything material, it may be something like just wanting peace of mind.
But desire for some people feels like pain, because they think there is lack in some way in that area and that is at the basis of all misery.
When we get clear that there is no lack whatsoever, it is just our own perception of lack and that there is only alignment that will bring our desires to us. When we are a match to what we want, when we actually become what we want that’s when our desires appear.
I’m on the verge of having two books self published on Amazon and three more in the pipeline. I’m wanting to get them out there in the world, not for money, recognition or anything like that, but just for the mere fact that I think my books will benefit people, it feels like my purpose and is my legacy to humanity.
I know the general consensus to being successful in marketing my books is that it’s unlikely to happen and to some degree I have felt that myself too, but I’m very keen for my desire to manifest.
So I’ve let the idea be general in my mind, continued every day being consistently in alignment generally and guess what’s beginning to happen, I’m being shown the breadcrumb trail to my desire from the universe.
Everywhere I look I’m getting nudges from Facebook about advertising, which is a great tool to get my books out there. In fact, there are endless ways to market my books. I’m just going to follow the breadcrumbs that feel right and I know that will take me to my dream.
You don’t have to push too hard to get anything you want, just desire let go allow, follow the breadcrumbs of least resistance and feel good, and voila magically all will appear right before your very eyes.
Have a fabulous day
Love from
Loraine X